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Take everything you read with a grain of salt. Remember that not everyone is the most knowledgeable or the most experienced - but can sometimes be the most vocal! Just as in real-life gatherings, people tend to talk more as they become better acquainted. Everyone has a right to their opinion, you included, but remember that sometimes the written word can be construed differently than the writer intended. If your wish is to educate then remember that you can "catch more bees with honey...."

While Boxer Rescue is a worthy cause, rescue posts should not be sent to the ShowBoxer-L (there is another forum available, which is designated specifically for discussion about Boxer Rescue, information can be found at Similarly this is not the forum for puppy referrals. There is a list for that at The ShowBoxer-L is not the place for messages about pooping, stuffed animals, or cute stories. Test messages, cute jokes, requests for subscription settings changes, virus warnings, Internet hoaxes, greeting cards, and chain mail should never be posted to the ShowBoxer-L.

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