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2014 marks the fifteenth year for the ShowBoxer-L. As of today (March 16th 2009) there are 2301 members on this list, worldwide.

Ten years ago Martha Bowman came to me with the idea of starting the ShowBoxer-L mailing list so that Boxer breeders and exhibitors could have their own forum. Several of us belonged to the BML (Boxer Mailing List) at that time but we felt that another list that could deal with breeding and exhibiting topics more in depth would be beneficial. The showBoxer-L was created, not to replace the BML but to add a different dimension to our community. The list was first housed at the Indiana University server. In 2001 the domain ShowBoxer-L.com was registered and then moved to my own server (HostSmart.ca) where it still sits.

Over the years there have been highs & lows on this list; it is inevitable when so many people gather with a common interest and diverse backgrounds. Many thanks to all of you; we have learned much from each other.

We face many challenges ahead. We face misguided animal rights activists at every turn and we face legislation that limits our rights. However we also look forward to some exciting developments in health care and testing.

As we go into this New Year let us reflect on how far we have come and then how far we have yet to go. Together we CAN make a difference!

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The SB-L was created to provide a forum for the discussion of relevant issues of responsible breeding and exhibiting of Boxers, primarily, but not limited to, the conformation ring. Any topic or question that fits this description is welcome here.

Be aware that if personalities come into play that degrade a discussion to the level of mudslinging and/or thrusts and jabs to fellow members or others, a topic will be temporaily suspended until the discussion can be held in an adult manner.

This list was started for one reason only - to enable a productive exchange of information between Boxer breeders worldwide.

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