ShowBoxer-L Rules of Conduct:

By accepting your SB-L subscription you agree to abide by the following rules . These rules are formulated in an attempt to keep the list running smoothly and may be amended from time to time; therefore it is your responsibility to re-read them regularly.

Violations of list rules may result in the restriction of your ShowBoxer-L posting privileges, or the termination of your ShowBoxer-L subscription, at the discretion of the list's administrators.

By subscribing to this list you are agreeing to these rules as set out here and any revisions that may be made and that you agree not to hold the owners, hosting company or administrators past present or future, responsible or accountable for any member's postings to the list or any decisions made by the administrators.

As a ShowBoxer-L member, it is your responsibility to read and take note of all messages carrying an ADMIN subject line. These are official bulletins.
Enforcement of list rules, netiquette and policy on the ShowBoxer-L are the sole responsibility of ShowBoxer-L administrators. Explanation here
Solicitations for contributions to causes, people, efforts, etc. are not to be posted to the list without prior approval from an administrator.
The ShowBoxer-L does not permit commercial posting or advertising of any kind. Explanation here
There will be absolutely NO flaming, baiting, or harassment permitted on the ShowBoxer-L. Explanation here
Do not "name names" on the ShowBoxer-L. Explanation here
Do not forward mail to or from this list without the original poster's permission. Explanation here
Off-topic posting is not permitted. Explanation here
All postings to the list must be in Plain Text format.

In most cases, if you post to the list in a manner that violates any of these rules, you will receive an administrative warning. After a first warning, future violations of primary rules may result in a suspension period, during which you will not be able to post to the ShowBoxer-L. Any subscriber who continues to violate primary rules following reinstatement from suspension may be permanently removed from the ShowBoxer-L.

The administrators reserve the right to put a list member on moderated status for a *cooling out period* if they feel a list member is causing or adding to  dissention on the list.

Not sure whether a message violates a rule? If you are unsure please ask a list administrator before you send it to the ShowBoxer-L! See Admin link above for e-mail addresses of the Administrators.

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